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Transit Switches

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Transit Vehicle Switches & Components

• Main Vehicle Disconnect Switches
• Fuse Boxes
• Braking Resistors
• Snubber Resistors
• Truck Vehicle Disconnect Switches
• Polarity Reversing Switches

transit switch

Motor Cutout Switch

1200 Ampere, 750 Volt

transit switch fuse holder

Inner Car Bus Line Fuse

1500 Ampere, 1500 Volt, Ribbon Fuse, Undercar Hung
transit switch components

enclosed transit switch

Main Vehicle Disconnect Switch

1200 Amp, 1000 Volt, One Pole, Double Throw, NEMA 4X Enclosure, Four Position (Run, Auxiliary from Third Rail, Open, Shop Test)
transit trackside components


Filnor vehicle disconnect switches typically range from 400 amps through 2000 amps and voltage up to 2000 volts DC. The switch is typically housed in a fiberglass enclosure. Filnor manufactures switches for light and heavy rail transit vehicles. The switch is the main disconnect from the third rail power to the propulsion and auxiliary circuits. The switch is typically a four-position switch consisting of:
• Run
• Auxiliary from third rail
• Open
• Shop Test


Water Tightness
Shock and Vibration
Thermal Test/Current Capacity
Complete Inspection Testing including:
• Dialetric WithstandTesting
• Contact Resistance Testing
• Insulation Resistance Test
• Handle Pull Force Testing
• Torque Marking on Appropriate Hardware


ISO 9001 Certified


Polarity Reversing Switches - Reverse the cars from forward to reverse.

Locomotive Switches - Main motor room entrance switches.

Truck Vehicle Disconnect Switch - Disconnect individual transit cars from one other.